Let’s Walk Gurgaon

Let’s Walk Gurgaon

Let’s Walk Gurgaon (LWG) is a social networking phenomenon that has changed lives and dominated the social life of Gurgaon, a suburb of new Delhi, India for 7 years now. Sehba Imam started this as a walking group in May 2011 with four members, LWG is now 8000 members strong and has conducted over 400 nature walks in Gurgaon. Besides walks, the group has championed initiatives like clean Gurgaon, environmental awareness campaigns, health awareness walks, Women’s safety and city safety audits. The group has worked with underprivileged children from orphanages and special needs adults. LWG is a movement for a healthy lifestyle and social change.

Here are some links to media reports covering LWG:

Economic Times: Sehba Imam’s Let’s Walk Gurgaon group finds many followers
GURGAON: Gurgaon residents are taking to the streets for health, wellness and networking. Thanks to Sehba Imam who thought of creating a movement of sorts with an agenda of having no agenda. Literally walking the talk. Read more…

Hindustan Times: Walking for women safety
Refusing to ‘let things be’, Let’s Walk Gurgaon, an activity group in Gurgaon, joins hands with Asmita Theatre Group of Delhi to come up with a three- point plan — Awareness, Action and Prevention — to prevent sexual harassment of women. Read more…

Indian Express: Gurgaon’s early risers
According to Sehba Imam, the founder of LWG, the walk is all about exploration. “The group which goes on dedicated walks comprises avid walkers from all age groups. We walk for the joy of walking and during these walks we also discover parts of Gurgaon which we generally tend to miss in our busy lives. Covering distances like 8 km is not tough when we walk together, sharing stories and making friends,” says Imam. Read more…

Gurgaon Moms: An interview of Sehba Imam
I love early mornings and I like the promise of a new day that every sunrise holds. Even as a child I loved to go for early morning walks with my mother during the summer vacations. Growing us in Aligarh, I used to deliberately miss my college bus so I could walk back home. Read more…

Hindustan Times: Gurgaon ke Dramebaaz
Started by a few theatre enthusiasts from Let’s Walk Gurgaon, this theatre group (LWG Theatre) aims to spread awareness about social issues like respect for women, safety and road rage. Read more…

Friday Gurgaon: Join the Club
“Most of the people in the City have relocated from different cities and countries. Joining a social club/group helps them connect with people, make friends, and live a healthy social life,” says Sehba Imam, Founder, Lets Walk Gurgaon (LWG). Read more…

Times Now report on LWG and Max Bupa Walk for Health
A good walk can lead to a healthier life but walking can also turn out to be a life changing experience for many. And sharing these experiences are a few people from a walking group in Gurgaon who are all set to participate in MAX BUPA walk for health….

Sehba’s TEDx Talk about LWG: Fishing in the fish-less pond
“I wanted to walk, but the areas I wanted to explore were not safe to walk through alone… So I decided to get Gurgaon to walk with me!”